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"Being able to engage with my fellow classmates and my professors in the online discussion forums felt like a real classroom experience. The online connection absolutely added to my learning and enjoyment of the courses."

Melanie Beasley (BBA expected '24), a military veteran turned aspiring HR professional, found her educational match with the University of Management and Technology (UMT). Read More
"At UMT, I found more than just an education; I found a family. From the supportive staff to the camaraderie at graduation, every step of my journey felt like coming home."

Heriberto Claudio’s (ASGS '17, BBA '22, MBA expected '24) journey with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) was inspired by the recommendations of trusted individuals in his life. Read More
"When I can take something I learned and apply it to what I’m doing at work, it’s made it a much more hands-on and rewarding experience."

Maurice Dockery (ASGS ’18, BBA ’20, MBA ’21, MSM ’23) was a hard-working serviceman who was always on the move between job duties and training. Read More
"UMT offers tailored support, unmatched flexibility, and academic relevance. It's an environment where educational goals become not just aspirations but attainable realities, efficiently and affordably."

Kristen Schomburg (ASCJ ’24, BSCJ expected '25), a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer pursuing her educational goals, discovered the unique advantages of the University of Management and Technology (UMT) through a series of impactful experiences. Read More
"UMT absolutely delivers a quality product to folks that are looking to get ahead in their career or future while not having to deal with the complications or difficulties of traditional schooling."

The journey of Scott Heck (MSHS ’22) with UMT began with a recommendation from another individual, and he found the university to be highly military-oriented. Read More
"So, here I find myself – balancing work, cherishing my three incredible kids, and diving into the studies of business administration with UMT. As a testimony to any other single parents, it's more than just a school; UMT is the ladder propelling me toward the dream of earning a college degree, a dream that has been with me since high school."

Keeli Rosal (ABA '23)'s decision to enroll at UMT was influenced by the enthusiastic recommendation of her co-worker, Troy Egan. Read More
"UMT is not just a school; it's an AWESOME institution that understands the rhythm of military life. The self-paced courses and book loan program made education seamlessly blend with my service."

Eric Thompson (ASCJ ’18, BSCJ ’19, MSCJ ‘20)'s educational journey with UMT was inspired by witnessing a co-worker working on UMT coursework. Read More
"Studying at UMT has been a transformative experience, providing me with the flexibility I needed, outstanding professor support, and the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career in project management."

Sean Carter (MBA ’23) was introduced to UMT's educational programs by his Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation counselor. Read More
"UMT is the first college I attended, and since I started, I've never wanted to attend anywhere else. I will always recommend UMT."

The journey of Laxton Ellis (ASHS ‘21, BSHS '23) with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) began with a word of encouragement from an unexpected source, his ex-wife. Read More
"UMT's unique blend of flexibility, tailored curriculum, and exceptional instructors not only transformed my education but paved the way for exciting career opportunities. It's the kind of support that changes lives."

Joseph Selph (BSIT ’13, MSIT ’23) embarked on his educational journey with a specific set of criteria in mind. Read More
"UMT's seamless process, user-friendly platform, and valuable IT programs have been instrumental in my professional growth, opening doors to various promotions in my career."

When Michael Lee (ASIT ’08, BSIT ’13, MSIT ‘23), a military professional, contemplated going back to school, it was a conversation with a friend that led him to discover the educational programs at the University of Management and Technology (UMT). Read More
"UMT has been the perfect fit for my educational journey. The flexibility, detailed coursework, and excellent teacher support have made the experience truly rewarding."

For Jarvin Wright (BSIT ’23), the decision to pursue higher education with UMT was not a spur-of-the-moment choice but a culmination of careful consideration and research. Read More
"UMT's flexible scheduling allowed me to learn at my own pace, and I appreciated that what I expected is precisely what I received – a truly exceptional educational experience."

Stephen Walker (BSCJ ’23) embarked on his academic journey with a clear goal in mind: finding a university that could provide the flexibility he needed. Read More
"Life is a learning process and we never stop. This is a significant milestone in my journey. I am very grateful for all my blessings. I would like to thank God, my friends, and my family for their support."

James Chi (MSM ’23) embarked on a remarkable educational journey with UMT, driven by a desire to reach new heights in his career. Read More
"UMT has been a game-changer for me. The convenience, relevance of the curriculum, and exceptional support have made my educational journey truly transformative. I highly recommend UMT to anyone seeking a flexible, high-quality, and affordable education."

Michael Tarrant (BSCS ‘13, MSCS '23), an ambitious IT professional seeking to advance his career, discovered UMT's educational programs through a quest for convenience and affordability. Read More
"UMT's online flexibility and supportive environment allowed me to achieve what I once thought was unattainable. With UMT, I not only earned a degree but also gained the confidence to embrace new adventures."

Gretchen Caldwell (BBA '16, MBA '20), a retired veteran with an adventurous spirit, embarked on a transformative educational journey with UMT to harness the benefits of her GI Bill. Read More
"UMT's self-paced programs, user-friendly platform, and supportive staff have made pursuing my degree stress-free and rewarding, giving me the tools to secure my current job and keep my career options open."

When Cody Rudsell (BBA '23) decided to pursue his degree, the recommendation from a colleague who attended UMT sparked his interest. Read More
"UMT has been the best college experience for me as a military member. The flexibility, responsiveness of professors, and overall ease of the process have made my educational journey smooth and fulfilling."

Tonya Chisholm (BSCJ ‘19, ABA ‘20, BHA ‘21, ASHS ‘22, BBA ‘23), was introduced to UMT's educational programs while serving in the military. Read More
"UMT's friendly credit-transfer policies, intuitive platform design, personalized support, and commitment to supporting military personnel make it an ideal choice for individuals wearing a uniform and seeking a quality educational experience tailored to their unique needs and aspirations."

Gary Harn (BSHS '23), a transitioning veteran with a strong desire to further his education and expand his career prospects, discovered UMT's educational programs through the recommendation of a colleague who had successfully graduated from the university. Read More
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at UMT. It's a fantastic school that has exceeded my expectations,"

Rebecca Schwartz (ASCJ ’21, BSCJ '23), a determined first-time college student with a passion for law and criminal justice, discovered UMT's educational programs through the recommendations of her father and his best friend, both of whom had successfully graduated from the university. Read More
"I am proudly grateful for everything UMT has done for me. Their unwavering support throughout my educational journey has been invaluable."

Troy Egan (ABA ’19, BBA ’21, MSM ’23) stands as a shining example of how the University of Management and Technology (UMT) has empowered him to accomplish his goals and propel his career forward through his relentless pursuit of knowledge. Read More
"UMT distance learning has truly helped me realize my dream."

Distance learning has proven to be the perfect pathway for Xiao Ling (Lois) Lu (DBA ‘23) to achieve her lifelong dream of obtaining a doctoral degree. Read More
"I'll definitely be promoting UMT to my community because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the same outstanding education and support I received."

Gilbert Araya (MSCJ ’23)'s decision to explore UMT's educational programs was motivated by his brother's positive experience studying at UMT. Read More
"Thanks to the flexibility of UMT’s courses, I was able to achieve my Associate’s and Bachelor's degrees despite struggling with ADHD and not being able to focus enough on school before."

The journey of Victoria Hardy (ASHS ’21, BBA ’23) to earning her Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) is one of perseverance, adaptability, and determination. Read More
"UMT has provided me with an easy and fun learning experience, and I believe that earning my degree from UMT will give me the tools I need to succeed in my business career."

Andrew Harnden (ABA ‘21, BBA ‘23) credits his former boss and UMT alum, William Mathis, for referring him to UMT's educational programs. Read More
"UMT's personal approach to admissions and ongoing support from faculty and staff, along with the ability to do everything online on my own time, has given me the ability to widen my scope of implementing changes using the latest available technology and resources, which will help me start and grow my business."

Jose Manlapaz (BBA ’23) had always been interested in pursuing higher education, but with a busy work and life schedule, finding the time to attend traditional classes was a daunting task. Read More
"Being a veteran, it’s hard to get assistance from bigger universities, like where I got my Bachelor’s, but UMT was really able to help me."

James Gray (MSM ’23) is a retired army veteran who decided to pursue a Master of Science in Management with the University of Management and Technology. Read More
"If you're looking to unlock your full potential and reach your highest level of abilities, this DBA program will guide you towards it."

Kam Chau (Steven) Leung (DBA ‘22) is a civil servant and part-time lecturer who established his own company in 2019. Read More
"Studying the UMT DBA is a life-changing decision for me."

Hoi Ying She (DBA '22) is a driven and ambitious professional who was seeking a doctoral degree to enhance her academic credential and advance her career. Read More
"UMT was the most convenient place for me to go where I would not rob myself of that important college experience for my life."

Shawn Boone (ABA '10, BBA '17, MBA '19, MSM '20, MPA '21, MSHS '22) is a retired army veteran and current JROTC instructor. Read More
"UMT has made me a unique woman in my community; to be the first female graduate with a Master’s Degree from my little hometown."

Utawal Envuladu (MSM '21) is working on a job rotation with a governmental real estate firm which monitors insurance nationwide for employees within her country. Read More

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