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Student Spotlight

Troy Egan

Newport, NC

Achieving Career Advancement with Three Degrees

Troy Egan (ABA ’19, BBA ’21, MSM ’23) stands as a shining example of how the University of Management and Technology (UMT) has empowered him to accomplish his goals and propel his career forward through his relentless pursuit of knowledge. With three degrees, Troy’s educational journey at UMT has been nothing short of remarkable.

His educational journey began when Troy’s uncle, a former UMT student, enthusiastically recommended the school to him. Following his uncle’s advice, Troy applied and successfully obtained his ABA degree in 2019, a milestone that fueled his determination to continue his educational endeavors at UMT.

With UMT’s support, Troy was able to fulfill his lifelong dream of returning to the military as an officer. His pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree at UMT played a pivotal role in accomplishing this aspiration. After graduating from his Bachelor’s program in 2021, he realized his thirst for knowledge and career advancement had not yet been quenched, and he made the decision to embark on a Master’s degree program at UMT, further solidifying his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Throughout his academic journey, Troy has frequently expressed his appreciation to the UMT faculty, who have consistently proven themselves to be a source of guidance and support whenever he sought assistance. Moreover, he commends UMT’s user-friendly online format, which seamlessly facilitated his learning experience without causing confusion. Troy extends his gratitude to the dedicated team in Student Services, whose unwavering commitment to helping students like him has left an incredible impact on his journey.

"I am proudly grateful for everything UMT has done for me. Their unwavering support throughout my educational journey has been invaluable."

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