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Student Spotlight

Kristen Schomburg

Gloucester, VA

Where relevant Coursework, Flexibility, and Affordability Propel Educational Dreams

Kristen Schomburg (ASCJ ’24, BSCJ expected '25), a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer pursuing her educational goals, discovered the unique advantages of the University of Management and Technology (UMT) through a series of impactful experiences.

Prompted by UMT's outreach and a subsequent scholarship offer, Kristen found the support she needed. "UMT reached out to me via email and offered the First Responder scholarship. The UMT Admissions Counselor was very helpful with my admissions process," she shares, emphasizing the personalized assistance she received that ensured a smooth transition into UMT.

For Kristen, the appeal of UMT extended beyond mere convenience; it was the flexibility of self-paced semesters that proved to be a game-changer. "The self-paced semesters are a big help. I could power through my courses when I had the time to do so, without adhering to a strict schedule to get my coursework done," she explains, showcasing the adaptability that UMT's structure afforded her.

The decision to choose UMT was anchored in a combination of factors that resonated with Kristen's academic needs. The transfer credits she received, coupled with the scholarship and tuition assistance, made UMT an attractive choice. Kristen appreciates that UMT provides books for the First Responder Scholarship recipients and values the focus on relevant coursework. "All the courses were focused on my degree; I was happy to work on criminal justice courses and focus on what I wanted to study," Kristen notes, highlighting the program's alignment with her academic interests.

Completing her degree at UMT swiftly propelled Kristen toward achieving her long-standing goal of earning a college degree. "It enabled me to quickly accomplish one of my long-standing goals. My degree was easily attainable due to the transfer credit I received; I only needed 5 courses to complete the program, and with the affordability and flexibility of the courses, it made it even more attainable," she expresses, underscoring the efficiency and affordability of her educational journey at UMT.

Reflecting on her UMT experience, Kristen points out three standout aspects that contributed to her positive journey. "It works for my schedule, the coursework was relevant, and the site is user-friendly," she highlights, emphasizing the practical benefits that have enriched her learning experience.

In her generous spirit, Kristen has already become an advocate for UMT, recommending the school to her colleagues and sharing program and scholarship links. She praises the affordability of UMT's tuition, drawing comparisons that highlight the university's commitment to providing accessible education.

"UMT offers tailored support, unmatched flexibility, and academic relevance. It's an environment where educational goals become not just aspirations but attainable realities, efficiently and affordably."

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