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Student Spotlight

Laxton Ellis

Smiths Station, AL

From Doubt about Attending College to Degree Completions

The journey of Laxton Ellis (ASHS ‘21, BSHS '23) with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) began with a word of encouragement from an unexpected source, his ex-wife. Her experience as a UMT student and her praises for the institution intrigued him. Initially, he had doubts about attending college, but the decision to enroll at UMT ultimately led him to the completion of one degree and soon another.

Choosing UMT to pursue his degree was not solely based on recommendations but also the hands-on experience he had with UMT's dedicated staff. Their commitment to supporting students made him to ultimately choose UMT for his educational journey. Laxton shared, "The knowledge I obtained from my ex-wife about UMT, as well as the hands-on staff experience, made me confident in my choice."

Completing a degree at UMT was more than just an academic accomplishment for Laxton; it symbolized a sense of closure. Having already worked in his chosen field before applying to UMT, earning a degree meant a lot in terms of personal fulfillment and purpose. Laxton emphasized the significance of his educational journey, stating, "Since I was already working in the field when I applied, completing my degree will provide me with a strong sense of purpose."

Laxton's journey to higher education was unique and deeply meaningful. Originally from Jamaica, he faced a challenging educational transition from high school to college. He initially believed that college might not be the right path for him. However, UMT's seamless and supportive process helped him overcome these doubts. As he puts it, “I didn’t think college was for me, but UMT’s process made it smooth.”

When asked about the top three aspects he appreciated during his UMT journey, Laxton highlighted the following qualities: “A program that’s both manageable and well-structured, the flexibility of online courses for working adults, and a straightforward process from start to finish.”

"UMT is the first college I attended, and since I started, I've never wanted to attend anywhere else. I will always recommend UMT."

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