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Student Spotlight

Heriberto Claudio

Perth Amboy, NJ

Where Supportive Community Fuels Academic Success

Heriberto Claudio’s (ASGS '17, BBA '22, MBA expected '24) journey with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) was inspired by the recommendations of trusted individuals in his life. Encouraged by his first sergeant and the mother of his children - both UMT alumni - Heriberto decided to explore the educational programs offered by the institution. Their praise for UMT's quality education and supportive environment sparked his interest, prompting him to consider transferring from his current school.

Impressed by the care and support he received from UMT staff during his initial classes, Heriberto made the decision to pursue his degree with UMT. "I saw how much UMT took care of its students, and that support made it easier for me," Heriberto remarked, highlighting the role of UMT's support system in his educational journey.

Completing his degree in business administration holds significant importance for Heriberto, especially in his career. He believes that his UMT degree will provide him with the necessary tools and advantages to excel both in his current role and post-military. "My degrees will help me in my career field in the army. It's a step up for me now and will prepare me for the future," Heriberto expressed, emphasizing the impact of his education.

Reflecting on his UMT experience, Heriberto appreciated the helpfulness of the staff and the flexibility of self-paced classes, which allowed him to register when his military schedule permitted. Heriberto also cherished the positive environment fostered by UMT, exemplified by the warmth and camaraderie he experienced during the 2024 Commencement ceremony. "It felt like a family," Heriberto fondly recalled, emphasizing the sense of belonging and connection within the UMT community.

"At UMT, I found more than just an education; I found a family. From the supportive staff to the camaraderie at graduation, every step of my journey felt like coming home."

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