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Student Spotlight

Xiao Ling (Lois) Lu

Hongkong, China

Distance learning has proven to be the most efficient and effective shortcut to realizing my long-cherished dream.

Distance learning has proven to be the perfect pathway for Xiao Ling (Lois) Lu (DBA ‘23) to achieve her lifelong dream of obtaining a doctoral degree. As a dedicated mother and Global Head of Operations at a major frozen food marketing company, enrolling in full-time college studies was simply not feasible. However, UMT distance learning came to her rescue, providing a flexible and reliable program that is recognized by the Hong Kong Educational Bureau.

Balancing her demanding job and family responsibilities, Lois found herself constantly on the move, traversing Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for business trips. Yet, even amidst her bustling schedule, she was able to maximize her "fragmented" time and dedicate herself to the UMT DBA program.

"I still remember those countless days studying at airports, hotels, etc., during my business trips," Lois recalled fondly. "The flexibility of UMT distance learning allowed me to utilize every possible moment to improve myself."

With the support of UMT distance learning, Lois not only proved to be a determined student but also an exemplary role model for her children. Demonstrating to them that anything is possible with the right approach and effort, she instilled in them the belief that dreams can be realized no matter the circumstances.

"As a working mum, the UMT DBA program has not only helped me achieve my dream but also set a powerful example for my kids," Lois emphasized. "They now understand that with determination and hard work, anything can be accomplished."

The benefits of the UMT DBA program extended beyond personal growth, greatly contributing to Lois's professional advancement. Implementing the knowledge and theories learned from the program into her work, she elevated her performance, receiving global accolades such as the prestigious global diamond management award and the highest corporate recognition from her company last year. Her expertise was also sought after, and she was invited to serve as a lecturer for multinational companies and Logistics Associations, further enhancing her influence and expertise in her field.

Throughout her journey, Lois was deeply impressed by the efficiency and support provided by UMT distance learning. Her dissertation supervisor, Dr. Carey Cheung, played a crucial role. "My dissertation supervisor, Dr. Carey Cheung, deserves all the credit for guiding me through this incredible journey, offering unwavering support during my research and displaying utmost professionalism and logical thinking," Lois expressed with admiration.

"UMT distance learning has truly helped me realize my dream."

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