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Student Spotlight

Gary Harn

Burke, VA

Friendly credit-transfer policies allow students to build upon what they have already accomplished academically.

Gary Harn (BSHS '23), a transitioning veteran with a strong desire to further his education and expand his career prospects, discovered UMT's educational programs through the recommendation of a colleague who had successfully graduated from the university. "One of my colleagues who graduated from UMT spoke highly of the university's support for military personnel and their willingness to accept transfer credits," Gary shared, highlighting the positive word-of-mouth that influenced his decision to consider UMT as his educational partner.

Impressed by the university's acceptance of a significant number of transfer credits, Gary found UMT to be a standout institution for recognizing his previous academic achievements. This recognition allowed him to build upon his associate's degree and progress efficiently towards his bachelor's degree.

The flexibility UMT provided was another crucial factor in Gary's decision. UMT's self-paced program allowed him to balance his existing commitments while pursuing a degree at his own pace. "The self-paced program at UMT allowed me to set my own schedule and study at my own pace, which was crucial considering my full-time employment and family responsibilities," he added.

Upon enrolling in classes, Gary found the university's course site to be user-friendly, providing him with seamless navigation and convenient access to study materials. The intuitive design of the platform further enhanced his learning experience at UMT.

However, what truly left a lasting impression on Gary was the exceptional responsiveness of the staff at UMT. "The customer service team at UMT was outstanding. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, they were always available and provided prompt and reliable support. It was reassuring to know that someone was there to guide me every step of the way," Gary expressed, highlighting the personalized and attentive support he received throughout his educational journey.

Moreover, Gary appreciated the direct applicability of the curriculum at UMT to his chosen degree program. "All the curriculum at UMT directly applied to the degree I'm pursuing. Every course and assignment was relevant, ensuring that my time and effort were well-invested in my studies."

Reflecting on the impact completing his degree would have on his life, Gary explained, "Since I will be retiring from the military relatively soon, I plan to apply for some entry-level positions at FEMA, as all the positions require a bachelor's degree. So, completing my degree at UMT is crucial for my career goals. It will open doors and help me qualify for higher-level positions."

With his positive experience at UMT, Gary wholeheartedly recommends the university to others. "I will definitely be promoting UMT to my community," he declared, eager to share the benefits of UMT's military-friendly education and exceptional support system.

"UMT's friendly credit-transfer policies, intuitive platform design, personalized support, and commitment to supporting military personnel make it an ideal choice for individuals wearing a uniform and seeking a quality educational experience tailored to their unique needs and aspirations."

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