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Student Spotlight

Rebecca Schwartz

Mechanicsburg, PA

Affordable education, flexible schedules, and a relevant curriculum for a brighter future.

Rebecca Schwartz (ASCJ ’21, BSCJ '23), a determined first-time college student with a passion for law and criminal justice, discovered UMT's educational programs through the recommendations of her father and his best friend, both of whom had successfully graduated from the university.

As a first-time college student, Rebecca recognized the significance of choosing the right institution to embark on her educational journey. Among the various options available, she chose UMT to pursue her degree due to its affordability and the flexibility it offered. Recognizing the financial constraints many students face, she found UMT to be the most affordable choice, making quality education accessible without breaking the bank. Additionally, the flexibility provided by UMT's programs was a major deciding factor for Rebecca. "Flexibility was a major key," she emphasized, recognizing the importance of a program that could accommodate her personal commitments and allow her to balance her studies effectively.

Completing her degree at UMT holds the potential to bring significant changes to Rebecca's life, particularly by opening doors for her to enter the law and criminal justice field. She is eager to leverage her UMT education to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue meaningful opportunities in her desired field.

Reflecting on her UMT experience, Rebecca highlights three key aspects that have contributed to her satisfaction with the university. Firstly, the ability to complete coursework at any time has been a valuable advantage, allowing her to fit her studies into her schedule without sacrificing other responsibilities. "Being able to get coursework done at anytime has been a game-changer for me," Rebecca expressed, appreciating the flexibility UMT offers. Secondly, the manageable semester lengths contributed to her positive experience, allowing her to maintain focus and balance throughout her educational journey. "The semester lengths at UMT are just right, providing enough time to delve into the subjects without feeling overwhelmed," she noted. Lastly, Rebecca shared her appreciation for the coursework, emphasizing its ease of follow-through and relevance. "The coursework at UMT is designed to be comprehensive and meaningful. It's not overwhelming, and I don't feel like the material is filler information. Everything I'm provided with is needed and contributes to my understanding and growth," Rebecca remarked.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at UMT. It's a fantastic school that has exceeded my expectations,"

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