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Student Spotlight

Maurice Dockery

Petersburg, VA

UMT’s Course Flexibility, Hands on Curriculum, and Helpful Staff Helped Him Achieve His Goals

Maurice Dockery (ASGS ’18, BBA ’20, MBA ’21, MSM ’23) was a hard-working serviceman who was always on the move between job duties and training. He had a goal to complete his education while still serving but wasn't sure how to make that work. When he was recommended the University of Management and Technology (UMT) from a fellow serviceman who had taken its classes and found the flexibility in the schedule to be accommodating, Maurice was intrigued and looked into UMT’s educational programs. He found that the level of flexibility UMT offered and the programs UMT has matched what he was looking for – being able to go at his own pace was crucial to him finishing his education; and he knew he wanted to major in business and project management and UMT allowed him to achieve both goals at one school.

After enrolling at UMT, Maurice was impressed with the accessibility of the instructors and student services despite taking classes online. He was able to reach out to his professor and receive a prompt response, which helped him immensely throughout his studies. The course curriculum was also a highlight for Maurice. The ability to take something that he learned and apply it to what he was doing at work made it a much more hands-on experience.

Completing his degree had a great impact on Maurice's life. He was able to start his own business and become a government project manager after retiring from the military. The homework and reading assignments for his project management degree greatly enhanced his abilities as a project manager, and he was able to apply what he learned to his new job. Maurice was grateful for his education with UMT and the opportunities it opened up for him. He even encouraged his wife, friends, and mentor to go to school at UMT.

Overall, Maurice found his UMT experience to be incredibly positive. He was grateful for the flexibility and accessibility of the program, as well as the applicable curriculum that helped him in his current job. With the help of the TA and G.I. Bill, Maurice was able to complete his education and change his life in the span of seven years.

"When I can take something I learned and apply it to what I’m doing at work, it’s made it a much more hands-on and rewarding experience."

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