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Student Spotlight

James Chi

North Tonawanda, NY

Elevating Careers, One Affordable and Flexible Step at a Time.

James Chi (MSM ’23) embarked on a remarkable educational journey with UMT, driven by a desire to reach new heights in his career. His story is a testament to the power of determination, affordable education, and the flexibility of online learning.

James's journey with UMT began with a colleague's recommendation. Intrigued by the prospect of furthering his education, he explored UMT's programs and discovered the ideal fit for his aspirations. The affordability of UMT's programs played a pivotal role in James's decision-making process. It wasn't just about pursuing education; it was about making it accessible and achievable without breaking the bank. The self-paced, flexible online courses offered by UMT were another revelation for James. They provided the freedom to set his own study schedule, ensuring that his education didn't clash with his professional responsibilities. James shared, "UMT's affordability and the flexibility of their self-paced online courses made my educational journey not only accessible but also seamlessly integrated into my life."

Completing a Master of Science in Management at UMT marked a significant milestone in James's life. Beyond the degree itself, this achievement broadened his knowledge and enriched his experience, making him a more effective and capable leader in his field. "Obtaining my Master of Science in Management at UMT was not just a degree; it was the key that unlocked a world of knowledge, transforming me into a more confident and effective leader in my professional domain," James remarked.

Throughout his academic adventure, he also found unwavering support from UMT's dedicated staff and faculty, who proved invaluable during challenging times. As James puts it, "During moments of personal difficulty, the unwavering support and guidance from UMT's staff and faculty helped me navigate through life's challenges with resilience and determination."

As James reflects on his journey, he recognizes that life is an ongoing learning process, and this educational accomplishment is a significant step forward. Grateful for the blessings, support from loved ones, and the opportunities provided by UMT, he shares the wisdom of Les Brown: "Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you will still be among the stars."

"Life is a learning process and we never stop. This is a significant milestone in my journey. I am very grateful for all my blessings. I would like to thank God, my friends, and my family for their support."

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