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Student Spotlight

Jarvin Wright

Blakely, GA

Flexibility, Quality Education, and Faculty Support for Your Academic Success!

For Jarvin Wright (BSIT ’23), the decision to pursue higher education with UMT was not a spur-of-the-moment choice but a culmination of careful consideration and research. Inspired by a long-standing interest, he finally took the leap to enroll in UMT's educational programs, confident that it was the right time to pursue his degree.

"UMT caught my attention a long time ago, and I decided to revisit the idea and take action. The degree options offered by UMT appealed to me, and I knew it was the right place to pursue my educational journey," Jarvin shared, reflecting on his initial interest in UMT and his determination to follow through with his aspirations.

With a keen interest in information technology, Jarvin decided to embark on the BSIT program at UMT. The variety of degree options available allowed him to choose a program that aligned perfectly with his career goals.

Anticipating the transformative impact of completing his degree, Jarvin is excited about the doors it will open in his professional life. "I'm looking forward to more and better opportunities in my career," he remarked, acknowledging the positive changes he envisions upon earning his UMT degree.

One of the standout aspects of Jarvin's UMT experience was the flexibility the university offered. The self-paced learning format allowed him to tailor his studies to fit his unique schedule and responsibilities, making the pursuit of education both manageable and enjoyable. " Being able to go at my own pace has been incredibly beneficial," Jarvin emphasized, appreciating the independence and control the self-paced program provided.

Delving into the coursework, Jarvin found himself engaged and motivated by the detailed and well-structured curriculum. The assignments and projects offered valuable learning opportunities, enabling him to develop practical skills that will serve him well in his future career. "The coursework at UMT is detailed and well-designed. I really enjoyed the assignments and how they contributed to my learning," Jarvin expressed.

Throughout his educational journey at UMT, Jarvin has experienced the unwavering support of his teachers. Their responsiveness and willingness to address his questions have been instrumental in enhancing his learning experience. "The teachers at UMT have been great. Their prompt and helpful responses when I have questions made the learning process much smoother," Jarvin shared, acknowledging the positive impact of the supportive and knowledgeable faculty.

With UMT's flexible learning, in-depth coursework, and responsive teaching staff, Jarvin is on the path to a brighter and more fulfilling future. Empowered by education, he is eager to explore new horizons and seize the opportunities that come his way, knowing that UMT has equipped him with the skills and knowledge to thrive in his chosen field.

NOTE: In consideration of privacy, this student has decided not to include a photo in their student story. We respect their choice and value their privacy.

"UMT has been the perfect fit for my educational journey. The flexibility, detailed coursework, and excellent teacher support have made the experience truly rewarding."

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