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Student Spotlight

Scott Heck

Hinesville, GA

Elevating Careers with UMT – Military-Friendly Online Learning.

The journey of Scott Heck (MSHS ’22) with UMT began with a recommendation from another individual, and he found the university to be highly military-oriented. Scott shares, "UMT was recommended to me by a trusted colleague, and I found it really military-oriented. The courses were tailored to military folks in a lot of ways—100% online, self-paced programs. It was very easy to work with, especially in terms of utilizing my GI Bill. It accommodates greatly to active-duty military members, making it very easy for me to get work done."

Choosing UMT to complete his degree was a multifaceted decision for Scott. The ease of transferring credits, affordability through a military scholarship and VA benefits, the flexible and self-paced class structure, and the convenience of online classes all played pivotal roles in his choice. Scott expressed his thanks to the Admissions department for their careful eye and attention to detail when it came to evaluating his transfer credits; it allowed him to get the most of out of his education with UMT. He was able to take courses he felt truly passionate about.

Reflecting on the impact of completing his degree, Scott notes the significant changes it brought to his professional life. "I've been able to apply for a federal position and was selected very quickly because of the degree I earned at UMT. Additionally, when I explained I had a graduate degree, it set me above every other applicant in my career field," he proudly shares. Scott's UMT degree not only opened doors but elevated his standing in the competitive job market.

Scott identifies three key aspects that made his UMT experience memorable. "I liked how easy the platform was for classes, the attentiveness of the instructors to each student, and the time frame for each class being self-paced programs," he states. The ease of the online course platform, Moodle, and being able to contact his instructors for additional help proved to be a game changer for Scott.

"UMT absolutely delivers a quality product to folks that are looking to get ahead in their career or future while not having to deal with the complications or difficulties of traditional schooling."

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