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Student Spotlight

Gretchen Caldwell

Sheboygan, WI

Embrace the Journey of Learning

Gretchen Caldwell (BBA '16, MBA '20), a retired veteran with an adventurous spirit, embarked on a transformative educational journey with UMT to harness the benefits of her GI Bill. It was her fellow service members' glowing recommendations and experiences that drew her attention to UMT's educational programs.

"I heard about UMT from friends I was stationed with who had attended the university. They spoke highly of the online programs and the support they received," Gretchen explained, emphasizing the powerful impact of word-of-mouth referrals within the military community.

Selecting UMT for her educational pursuits was a logical decision for Gretchen. The user-friendly online platform and the flexibility of the courses aligned perfectly with her post-retirement plans. "UMT's online platform is designed with online students like me in mind. The flexibility of the courses allowed me to balance my studies with my diverse lifestyle," she shared.

Completing her degree at UMT has ignited a sense of accomplishment and pride within Gretchen. "Earning a degree was something I never thought I would achieve. But with UMT's supportive environment and accessible online programs, I managed to overcome my doubts and excel," Gretchen proudly expressed.

Gretchen's journey with UMT extended beyond academics. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, UMT's fully online setup provided a lifeline for her education. "While I was moving from Florida to Wisconsin and navigating the uncertainties of the pandemic, UMT's online accessibility ensured that I could continue my studies without interruption," Gretchen shared, highlighting the invaluable continuity that UMT offered during such trying times.

As a retiree with a wanderlust, Gretchen's next chapter involves traveling around the country in an RV. Reflecting on her UMT experience, Gretchen lauded the exceptional support she received from UMT's Student Services. She also praised the curriculum for its informative and educational content. "UMT's curriculum not only provided knowledge but also empowered me with practical skills that I can apply in various aspects of my life," Gretchen remarked.

Summing up her UMT journey, Gretchen emphasized three aspects that stood out the most. "Firstly, the unwavering assistance from UMT's Student Services; secondly, the comprehensive and enlightening curriculum; and lastly, the flexibility of the courses that accommodated my unique circumstances," she stated.

Gretchen's story underscores UMT's commitment to delivering education that aligns with diverse life paths and empowers individuals to achieve their dreams, no matter where their journey takes them.

"UMT's online flexibility and supportive environment allowed me to achieve what I once thought was unattainable. With UMT, I not only earned a degree but also gained the confidence to embrace new adventures."

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