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Student Spotlight

Cody Rudsell

Sierra Vista, AZ

Seizing Opportunities and Securing Job Advancement with UMT.

When Cody Rudsell (BBA '23) decided to pursue his degree, the recommendation from a colleague who attended UMT sparked his interest. Utilizing the resources he had, including his GI Bill, he set out to complete his degree, determined to create more job security and expand his career prospects.

Impressed by the positive impact UMT had on his colleague's career, Cody chose UMT to seize the same opportunity. "The success story of my work colleague, who received a well-deserved promotion after completing their degree at UMT, inspired me to aim for the same opportunity," Cody explained. The university's strong reputation for providing practical education directly applicable to his field, coupled with the self-paced programs, resonated with Cody's career aspirations.

Cody's top three favorite aspects of his UMT experience include the flexibility of the self-paced programs, which accommodated his busy schedule perfectly. He also praised the user-friendly platform, making navigating the coursework and accessing resources a breeze. Additionally, the seamless experience from Admissions to course completion left Cody stress-free, as the helpful staff ensured a smooth process and easy paperwork.

Completing his degree at UMT has provided Cody with the confidence to secure his current job and affirm his position in his current role. Moreover, holding a degree opens up a realm of possibilities for Cody, keeping his career options open and allowing him to aim higher.

"UMT has not only given me job security in my current role but has also kept my options open for future endeavors," Cody remarked, grateful for the transformative impact of his UMT education.

As Cody continues his journey with UMT, he looks forward to a future empowered by education, ready to seize new opportunities and reach greater heights in his career. With the combination of self-paced learning, user-friendly technology, and unwavering support from UMT, Cody is confident that he is on the right path to realizing his full potential.

"UMT's self-paced programs, user-friendly platform, and supportive staff have made pursuing my degree stress-free and rewarding, giving me the tools to secure my current job and keep my career options open."

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