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Student Spotlight

Hoi Ying She

Hongkong, China

Personal and professional success and growth from UMT's affordable and quality DBA program which is recognized by the HK government

Hoi Ying She (DBA '22) is a driven and ambitious professional who was seeking a doctoral degree to enhance her academic credential and advance her career. After extensive research and consideration, she chose UMT's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, which is listed in the Hong Kong Education Bureau's "Non-local Higher and Professional Education Courses."

Hoi Ying was impressed with UMT's well-structured and flexible program that allowed her to balance her professional commitments while pursuing a doctoral degree. She was also drawn to UMT's affordable tuition fee, excellent administration support, and high graduation rate. The fact that UMT's DBA program was ranked #6 in the Top Online Doctoral Degrees in Business Administration for 2019 was the cherry on top for Hoi Ying.

During her time at UMT, she found the program to be practical, enabling her to connect her management experiences with academic knowledge to address complex management issues. At the same time, it taught her analytical research skills and developed critical thinking skills. The program also helped her to formulate better development goals and achieve better performance results in her professional life.

Hoi Ying's UMT experience was made even better by the guidance and support she received from her dissertation supervisor, Dr. Carey Cheung. Dr. Cheung was instrumental in helping Hoi Ying through the research process and was always available to provide knowledge and support.

In June 2022, Hoi Ying graduated from UMT with a DBA degree. She confirmed that the UMT DBA qualification could be assessed by The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Furthermore, her DBA qualification meets the standard of a local Doctoral Degree at Level 7 of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework.

In November 2022, Dr. She presented her dissertation as a poster presentation in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Annual Conference in UK. The abstract of her dissertation is published in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice (

She was grateful for the entire UMT experience and believed that studying for a DBA at UMT not only elevated her knowledge and skills, but also changed her purpose in life.

"Studying the UMT DBA is a life-changing decision for me."

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