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Student Spotlight

Victoria Hardy

Goose Creek, SC

UMT's flexible educational programs empower students with diverse backgrounds to achieve their academic goals.

The journey of Victoria Hardy (ASHS ’21, BBA ’23) to earning her Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) is one of perseverance, adaptability, and determination.

"I never thought I would have the opportunity to attend college myself," said Victoria Hardy, reflecting on her time after finishing her service in the military and working as a security supervisor. However, her mentors, who happened to be UMT alumni, recommended the university to her, and she saw it as a sign to pursue her dreams. "From the start, I knew that UMT was a perfect fit for me," she said.

One of the main reasons Victoria chose UMT was the flexibility of its programs. The 11-week semesters and self-paced courses allowed her to complete her coursework on her own terms. "I have ADHD, so I sometimes struggle with strict deadlines," Victoria explained. "Having the flexibility to get things done on time and be successful was very important to me." The flexibility allowed her to achieve a level of success in her studies that she never thought was possible. "I didn't think I'd ever graduate college due to my ADHD," Victoria admitted. "But thanks to UMT's courses, I was able to do so. It was an achievement to get both my Associate’s and Bachelor’s with UMT."

One of the aspects of UMT that Victoria appreciated the most was the encouragement to express her personal take on things. In her English and Public Speaking courses, her instructors encouraged her to be herself and to share her thoughts and opinions freely. "Being encouraged to be myself in my discussions and give my thoughts and opinions freely was really empowering," Victoria said.

Finally, the ability to do her school work remotely was a big advantage for Victoria. "Being able to do school remotely was huge," she explained. "I was able to move when my husband was stationed in another state and still complete my coursework without interruption."

As a UMT graduate, Victoria highly recommends the program to other students. "UMT is a great option for me," she said. "UMT staff was great working with me and answering all my questions, and UMT has a wide range of degrees that can fit what many people are looking for."

"Thanks to the flexibility of UMT’s courses, I was able to achieve my Associate’s and Bachelor's degrees despite struggling with ADHD and not being able to focus enough on school before."

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