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Student Spotlight

Joseph Selph

Eldersburg, MD

A Journey of Courage, Triumph, and Success – Overcoming Fear to Reach New Heights

Joseph Selph (BSIT ’13, MSIT ’23) embarked on his educational journey with a specific set of criteria in mind. He needed a university that could accommodate his circumstances while offering an Information Technology program that would enhance his skills. In his words, "The university's accreditation, the ability to complete my studies at my own pace, and the fact that I could do so remotely were all very important aspects for what I needed for my set of circumstances."

The decision to choose UMT was driven by both practicality and a perfect curriculum fit. He found that UMT's Information Technology programs contained the right courses to boost his efficiency within the IT field. Moreover, the flexibility of the curriculum helped him overcome the reoccurrence of a disorder he has had since childhood that could have hindered the completion of the programs.

Completing his Bachelor and Master’s Science in IT programs marked a milestone in Joseph's life. These achievements not only opened doors to exciting professional opportunities but also equipped him with valuable skills and knowledge that directly translated into successful job performance. Joseph shared his thoughts on this transformation: "I gained more skills and knowledge that proved to be beneficial in successfully completing my duties."

Reflecting on his UMT experience, Joseph highlighted the three key aspects that he valued the most. Firstly, it was the well-structured and up-to-date curriculum that laid the foundation for his educational journey. Secondly, he praised the instructors for their attentiveness, professionalism, and the wealth of knowledge they brought to the classroom. Lastly, he commended the flexibility that UMT provided, which allowed students to complete their studies in a manner that suited their individual needs.

NOTE: Joseph is a graduate representative at the University of Management and Technology’s 2023 Commencement Ceremony. His speech can be found here.

"UMT's unique blend of flexibility, tailored curriculum, and exceptional instructors not only transformed my education but paved the way for exciting career opportunities. It's the kind of support that changes lives."

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