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Student Spotlight

Sean Carter

Virginia Beach, VA

Scheduling flexibility, responsive professors, and engaging coursework, ultimately lead to career advancement opportunities.

Sean Carter (MBA ’23) was introduced to UMT's educational programs by his Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation counselor. The deciding factor for Sean in choosing UMT was the flexibility it offered in scheduling his classes. "Being able to set up my own schedule, especially having the option to schedule back-to-back semesters, was a game-changer," said Sean. This flexibility allowed him to design a study plan that suited his personal and professional commitments.

While Sean is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his degree in the mail, he recognizes the significant impact it will have on his life. With his degree in hand, he can bolster his resume and increase his chances of securing a higher-paying job. Sean has his sights set on the field of project management and believes that his degree will open doors to exciting career opportunities in that domain.

Reflecting on his UMT experience, Sean highlights three aspects that he particularly appreciated. Firstly, the flexibility of scheduling classes gave him the freedom to manage his time efficiently. Secondly, he commends the professors for their outstanding response time. "I always received emails back on the same day, and the professors were highly responsive to any chats or queries I sent," said Sean.

Lastly, Sean found the course materials to be thoughtfully designed, especially the videos used in the project management courses. These videos provided valuable insights and enhanced his understanding of the subject matter. Sean thoroughly enjoyed the course assignments, finding them both engaging and beneficial to his learning journey.

In closing, Sean extends his gratitude to UMT for their exceptional support and recognition of military and veteran students. He appreciates the university's commitment to being veteran-friendly, which has contributed to his positive educational experience at UMT. Sean is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and looks forward to the next chapter in his career with confidence, thanks to his UMT education.

"Studying at UMT has been a transformative experience, providing me with the flexibility I needed, outstanding professor support, and the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career in project management."

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