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Student Spotlight

Tonya Chisholm

Columbia, SC

Empowering Military Members and Busy Individuals Through Flexible Education.

Tonya Chisholm (BSCJ ‘19, ABA ‘20, BHA ‘21, ASHS ‘22, BBA ‘23), was introduced to UMT's educational programs while serving in the military. Since 2015, she has been pursuing her academic degrees with UMT, appreciating the flexibility and support it offers.

When asked about her decision to choose UMT, Tonya emphasized the importance of being able to learn at her own pace. Unlike other institutions with strict deadlines, UMT's self-paced program allowed her to manage her studies amidst deployments and busy schedules. "I didn't feel pressured to finish by strict deadlines, which made things much easier with the hectic nature of military life," Tonya shared, highlighting the convenience and freedom that UMT provided.

Completing her degree at UMT has had a significant impact on Tonya's life. Overcoming her initial fears of testing and going to school, she found the process to be less challenging than expected. Moreover, the ability to study at her own pace not only reduced her worries but also opened doors for career advancement. "Going at my own pace made an impact on my career and provided opportunities for growth," Tonya explained, acknowledging the positive influence that her degrees have had on her professional journey.

Reflecting on her UMT experience, Tonya expressed her satisfaction with several aspects. Firstly, she appreciated the ease of contacting professors through the student portal and the promptness of their responses. Compared to other schools where it could take up to 72 hours to receive a reply, Tonya experienced quick and helpful communication with UMT faculty. Additionally, the process of purchasing and returning books was seamless and hassle-free, adding to her positive experience. Overall, Tonya found UMT to be the best college experience she has had, surpassing her previous encounters with other institutions while being in the military.

Tonya's journey with UMT showcases the benefits of flexible, self-paced learning, attentive faculty, and an overall positive educational experience. Her story serves as an inspiration for those in the military or with busy lifestyles seeking a quality education that accommodates their unique circumstances.

"UMT has been the best college experience for me as a military member. The flexibility, responsiveness of professors, and overall ease of the process have made my educational journey smooth and fulfilling."

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