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Student Spotlight

Keeli Rosal

Havelock, NC

Navigating Life's Chaos, Thriving with UMT – Where Dreams Take Flight!

Keeli Rosal (ABA '23)'s decision to enroll at UMT was influenced by the enthusiastic recommendation of her co-worker, Troy Egan. In his endorsement, Troy highlighted the school's fully online nature and the user-friendly online platform, Moodle. The streamlined process of attending and completing courses resonated with Keeli, who valued the flexibility it offered.

Faced with the challenge of balancing two jobs and being a single mom of three kids, Keeli knew she needed an educational solution that could accommodate her busy lifestyle. "I chose UMT because it offered the program I was interested in—business administration. I also needed something fully online since I have two jobs and three children; I didn’t have the schedule to be attending in-person classes," Keeli explains. UMT's fully online program provided the flexibility she required to pursue her academic goals while managing her multiple responsibilities.

As Keeli progresses toward completing her degree, she reflects on the transformative impact it will have on her life. "It will definitely accomplish one of my goals I had since graduating high school ten years ago, even though it’s taken me some time to get there. I will have more knowledge in business administration, which will be very helpful for my business ideas and entrepreneurial mindset. I also want to continue onto a Bachelor’s to gain even more knowledge in business administration," Keeli states with determination. Her ABA degree is not just a qualification; it is a stepping-stone towards achieving greater heights in her professional and personal aspirations.

Keeli's UMT experience has been shaped by three key elements that resonate with her. "Every week, there are assignments; discussion board, textbook to read, etc. You know what to expect with the class. It’s easy to plan when you’re going to work on your coursework in a timely fashion," Keeli remarks, highlighting the structured nature of the program. Additionally, the fully online format and the affordability of UMT were crucial factors that drew Keeli to the university. "Being fully online and the pricing were a lot better than other online schools that I had looked at prior to UMT," she adds, expressing her appreciation for the flexibility and accessibility offered by the university.

"So, here I find myself – balancing work, cherishing my three incredible kids, and diving into the studies of business administration with UMT. As a testimony to any other single parents, it's more than just a school; UMT is the ladder propelling me toward the dream of earning a college degree, a dream that has been with me since high school."

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