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Student Spotlight

Gilbert Araya

Springfield, GA

Exceptional support, user-friendly resources, and personal growth, make UMT a compelling choice for pursuing a degree and inspiring others.

Gilbert Araya (MSCJ ’23)'s decision to explore UMT's educational programs was motivated by his brother's positive experience studying at UMT. Choosing UMT to complete his degree was an easy decision due to the user-friendly course platform and the exceptional customer service team that provided him with confidence and guidance throughout his academic journey.

Gilbert's UMT experience has been characterized by three standout features. He appreciates the expertise and dedication of the faculty, the flexibility of accessing courses 24/7, and the outstanding support from the FSA department. Gilbert enthusiastically shared, "The faculty at UMT is fantastic, always going above and beyond to support their students. Additionally, being able to access courses anytime, day or night, has been incredibly convenient. And the FSA department has been extremely helpful from start to finish."

Completing his degree at UMT is expected to have a significant impact on Gilbert's life. Not only does he anticipate a financial boost with a potential raise, but he also believes it will open his eyes to new perspectives, allowing him to see life in a different way and fostering personal and intellectual growth. As Gilbert expressed, "Earning my degree at UMT will not only improve my financial situation but also broaden my horizons and help me grow as an individual."

With his positive experience at UMT, Gilbert plans to become an advocate for the university within his community, sharing his story and encouraging others to pursue their educational goals through UMT's exceptional programs.

"I'll definitely be promoting UMT to my community because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the same outstanding education and support I received."

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