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Master Science in Engineering Management
The MSEM program is a 36 credit-hour degree program designed to meet the needs of students seeking a master's degree as a prerequisite for entry to the field of engineering management, as well as the needs of students who are currently employed in the field and want to broaden their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The MSEM program consists of core management courses and engineering management courses:

MSEM Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
  • Describe the importance of engineering, technology and innovation in strengthening business and society
  • Apply engineering economics, statistics, and systems engineering knowledge to design experiments, analyze data, and design processes to meet business needs
  • Apply technology and management knowledge, skills and abilities to define, design, develop, and manage resources, processes, and complex systems in an ethical way while working in a multi-disciplinary team environment
  • Creatively solve management problems in production, research, and service organizations through the use of technology and basic and applied science
  • Effectively communicate with a broad range of players operating in a technical environment, including senior managers, colleagues, team members, and customers
  • Describe skills critical to leading technical teams working on projects and programs
  • Compare leadership theories and management in organizations
  • Create strategic goals and convert them into actionable plans in technology-oriented organizations
Core Courses
COMM 500 Communication and Soft Skills
EMGT 500 Introduction to Engineering and Technology
EMGT 505 Engineering Applications
EMGT 590 Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation
EMGT 600 Engineering Management
EMGT 610 Systems Engineering
MGT 530 Leadership and Organization
MGT 535 Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management
MGT 550 Project Management
MGT 552 Project Finance and Budgeting
MGT 553 Risk and Quality Management
SCM 610 Strategic Sourcing
CST 550 IT Project Management can be substituted for MGT 550 
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