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ARLINGTON, Virginia, September 8, 2003

University of Management and Technology is listed in The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) membership database on its official website.

CHEA is a membership association that consists of higher education institutions, such as Department of Education recognized accrediting organizations, accredited universities and colleges in the United States. CHEA has the largest institutional higher education membership in the United States with approximately 3,000 colleges and universities and more 60 accrediting organizations. UMT is one of these universities.

To locate UMT in the CHEA website, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to CHEA’s official website at:
  2. Click on "Institutional Database"
  3. After the "User Agreement" page appears, click on "I Agree"
  4. Under "Search by Name", type in UMT’s full name – "University of Management and Technology", then click on the "Search by Name" button
  5. CHEA’s database will search and show on a new page: "1 result found for University of Management and Technology". Under that, you can also see the "Click on the institution name for more information" link which allows you to view more information on UMT*
  6. Click on the link with UMT’s full name, the new page will show the UMT full listing in the database**
*See Chart I
**See Chart II

Chart I
Chart I-UMT in CHEA

Chart II
Chart II-UMT in CHEA

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