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ARLINGTON, Virginia, April 15, 2005

PMI is launching a high-profile 2005 global advertising campaign. PMI’s campaign will go on for years to come and is aimed to promote PMI’s envisioned goal, "Worldwide, organizations will embrace, value and utilize project management and attribute their success to it."

What does this mean to UMT? UMT is the largest global project management degree granting institution, with more than 1,200 alumni globally who earned degrees in Master of Science in Project Management or Project Management Focused MBA.

Dr. J. Davidson Frame is one of the pioneers in contemporary project management education. Since the 1980s, he has advocated project management as one of the business management disciplines, not merely an engineering one. He created the first project management program at the George Washington University Business School before he became the Academic Dean at UMT and created its project management programs in late 1990s. Consequently, more than 500 project management degree programs have been created around the world and in the US, including the newest ones at University of Virginia and Virginia Tech in 2005.

When Dr. Frame and Dr. Chen began promoting project management education in China by launching the first project management degree program at Peking University in 2000, there were no such degree offerings at any Chinese universities. Last summer, the Chinese Ministry of Education authorized more than 70 first-tier universities to launch the project management degree program as one of the management disciplines.

While PMI initiates advertising and promotion campaigns cross the world, UMT will ride the waves to continue building its strong reputation by educating and advancing project management education globally.

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