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ARLINGTON, Virginia, June 9, 2005

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) has created a new Higher Education Transfer Alliance (HETA) Directory to meet public demands in transferring academic credits among higher education institutions. This directory is a web-based source for the public. Institutions in this directory consider all student transfer requests from other accredited institutions. Accredited institutions include all institutions accredited by a CHEA- or United States Department of Education (USDE)-recognized accrediting organizations.

Students nowadays are mobile. Two out of three undergraduates now attend two or more institutions before graduation (source:CHEA). Over 1 million undergraduate students transfer to a new college each fall, and additional students transfer in the spring semester (source:educationUSA). The HETA directory is a useful source that helps make students’ transfer process smoother. Students can now search and find the colleges and university in the directory and know what institutions will consider their transfer requests from another accredited institution.

UMT’s participation in the HETA demonstrates UMT’s commitment to convenient students and save students’ time and tuition dollars in their education journey. As an HETA institution, UMT does not use accredited status as the sole means to say no to any transfer credit requests. Also, it means that UMT’s credit transfer polices and practices are consistent with the criteria in the CHEA Statement to the Community: Transfer and the Public Interest.

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