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ARLINGTON, Virginia, January 19, 2010

The UMT DBA program held its first seminar for DBA students residing in Hong Kong, China at the Hong Kong Productivity Council on December 19, 2009.

Ms. Maggie Fung, founder of Sinomonitor, delivered a vivid presentation on China's New Marketing and Media Study. Sinomonitor is one of the most influential research companies in China. Through her presentation, students learned the importance of brand development and management, and how it could help corporations to implement new marketing strategies in China.

By attending the seminar, UMT DBA students also had an opportunity to meet each other and to share their own stories and business experiences, the reason they chose UMT DBA program, and how they plan to complete doctorial coursework while balancing their work and life in Hong Kong. Students instantly formed a bond by participating in academic discussion and experience sharing.

UMT DBA students include senior executives from major corporations located in Hong Kong and Asia region, such as HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Arup and others.

Feedbacks from UMT DBA Seminar:

Mr. Simon Yip, DBA Aspirant
Manager, HSBC (Physical Security Services Asia Pacific)

"I found the UMT DBA seminar well-organized in terms of time control and professionalism of all invited speakers, who brought updated China market information and business opportunities to the seminar."

Mr. Charles Tang, DBA Aspirant
Chief Engineer, DP World Terminal

"Course Advisors have performed an excellent job for the seminar and all my fellow classmates were impressive and proactive throughout the whole seminar."

Mr. C K Hung, DBA Aspirant
Associate Director, Sunbase International Properties Ltd.

"Comprehensive networking provided in the DBA seminar surely gave me an insight into latest management skills/knowledge. It also provided me with updated information on global market."

Mr. Clifford Kwong, DBA Aspirant
Managing Director, CK Management Consultancy

"It was a great opportunity to share my management experience and knowledge in the DBA seminar. Discussion and sharing of information with classmates, who already have higher education background, would help me a lot in my future lecturing endeavors."

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