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ARLINGTON, Virginia, May 31, 2010

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is pleased to disclose that, since joining Air University’s Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) program in 2007, it has earned a prominent place on the exclusive, short list of schools allowed to participate.

UMT enrollments of USAF servicemembers currently rank in the top ten among AU-ABC participant schools, according to data maintained by the Academic Institution Portal – which allows information sharing between Academic Institutions and Department of Defense Systems for Air Force Automated Education Management System (AFAEMS), Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) and Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA).

Successful completion of any of the CCAF AAS degrees guarantees the Airman or woman 60 semester credit-hours transfer (of which at least 15 will count as general education) toward a UMT bachelor's degree.

UMT's programs are self-paced and 100% online. The UMT Military Scholarship awards tuition assistance of 35% of the costs, reducing the cost per academic credit-hour from $390 to $250. Tuition assistance or G.I. Bill benefits may be used to cover the remaining costs.

Active duty personnel receiving the UMT Military Scholarship qualify for participation in the UMT Book Scholarship program. This program provides textbooks to students at no cost.

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