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Executive Certificate in Project Management (15-credit)
UMT's Executive Certificate in Project Management is a 15-credit graduate level program that focuses on the core project management courses contained in a typical master's level program, without covering supplemental management courses. It is comprised of five academic courses that when taken together, cover the entire project management discipline, offering students insights into what the Project Management Institute (PMI) categorizes as technical expertise (i.e., PM tools and techniques), professional behavior (i.e., organizational and people-oriented issues), and strategic awareness (i.e., accommodating the business elements of project management). Each of the courses in the program is compliant with the project management standards promulgated by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Because the Executive Certificate courses offer graduate level academic credit, students may be able to have them accepted for credit in academic programs of degree-conferring institutions, depending on the credit-transfer policies of these institutions. Also, as academic courses, each can be listed as a 45 PDU offering.

This academic program is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). Click here for the PMI annual student achievement report for this and other UMT academic programs accredited by the GAC.

Executive Certificate-PM mission statement

UMT's Executive Certificate in Project Management strives to provide individuals with the tools, insights, and leadership capabilities that will enable them to deal effectively with the project management challenges they encounter in private, public and non-profit enterprises. It does this by helping them achieve mastery of the full range of project management tools and techniques needed to manage individual projects, project portfolios, and major programs.

Executive Certificate-PM Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • balance the big-picture, strategic perspective with the need to master the details at the operational level, which includes scope definition, planning, controlling, execution, and close-out [combining technical expertise, professional behavior, and strategic awareness]

  • handle both predictive and agile approaches to managing projects [focused on technical expertise and professional behavior, and strategic awareness]

  • identify key strategic drivers that underlie their projects [focused on strategic awareness]

  • understand the organizational, communication and people factors that lead to the effective management of projects [focused on professional behavior]

  • demonstrate their expertise as project planners, particularly in scheduling, budgeting and allocating human and material resources on project, portfolios, and major programs [focused on technical expertise and strategic awareness]

  • implement the steps needed to get lagging projects under control [focused on professional behavior and technical expertise]

  • identify risks and opportunities facing projects and to take action to handle them effectively [focused on technical expertise and professional behavior]

MGT 550 Project Management
MGT 551 Planning and Control
MGT 552 Project Finance and Budgeting
MGT 553 Risk and Quality Management
MGT 554 Contracts and Procurement
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