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Managing Multiple Projects (UMTPM278)   Register Online

As project management becomes a dominant approach employed in managing business and government enterprises, we find that organizations typically handle a number of projects at any given time. This presents them with challenges they do not face when managing only one project. With multiple projects, for example, the scheduling, budgeting, and resource needs of different projects must be balanced. High priority projects may siphon resources from other projects.

This course examines what it takes to manage multiple projects. It focuses on two broad approaches: managing project portfolios and managing major programs. When covering portfolio management topics, it looks at the risk and business implications of different portfolio scenarios, shows how to take strategic factors into account when building portfolios (employing gap analysis), and demonstrates how resources can be allocated across projects using basic tools, such as resource histograms and resource Gantt charts. When covering program management, it focuses on how to coordinate the budget, schedule and resource efforts of different projects in order to produce a major deliverable on time, within budget, and according to specifications.


To provide students with skills to manage project portfolios and programs. Skills include: developing balanced project portfolios; managing portfolios resources, schedules and budgets; determining portfolio risk; selecting projects to include in portfolios; understanding the key elements of program management; coordinating project efforts to achieve program goals; building project and program offices.

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