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Project Leadership (UMTPM014)   Register Online

It is not enough to be a good administrator or good manager. Today, getting things done successfully requires leadership. Project Leadership focuses on the need for leadership on project teams. Leadership is particularly important when running projects, because traditional hierarchy-based command and control skills do not work in project environments: you cannot command team members to plan, execute, and sustain excellence—you must lead them to do what needs to be done.

What You Will Learn

  • What leadership is and how it differs from management
  • How leadership requires followers: If no one is following you, then you aren’t a leader
  • How different leadership styles can be employed, including: visionary, coaching, relationship building, democratic, pace setting, and command styles
  • How your personality preferences as determined by the Keirsey Temperament Sorter can be used to make you a better leader
  • How your interpersonal relationship preferences, can be used to make you a better leader
  • How the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument can be used to make you a better leader

PMBOK® Guide Process Areas

  • Executing
  • Controlling

PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas

  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Communication Management


  • Course modules containing cutting-edge knowledge developed by renowned experts in project management
  • Course Textbook: Project Leadership, by Dr. James P. Lewis
  • Mentors Studio™ CD-ROM: Leadership, featuring Dr. James P. Lewis
  • An instrument package including 5 self-assessment instruments
  • A final exam which contains multiple choice and true/false questions
  • Certificate of Completion.

Register Online

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