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Military Benefits

Earn Your Degree from a University Highly Regarded by the Defense Community and Fortune 500 Companies!
Learn with a Top-Notch Globally Recognized Faculty!
Military Scholarship and More! Scholarship is now available to active duty spouses as well!

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is an accredited university offering first-class online education globally. Highly respected by Fortune 500 companies, UMT's educational programs offer best practices and up-to-date knowledge. UMT is committed to providing the highest quality online educational programs and to offering a wide range of military benefits to enable the men and women who serve our country to earn their degrees efficiently and affordably.

We know the military educational needs! Visit UMT online at or call 1-800-924-4883 to find out how we can help you to achieve your educational goals.

Fast-Track Admissions: Apply and enroll immediately . Start making fast progress toward your degree while official documents are being processed.

Tuition Assistance and GI Bill®:
  • UMT accepts all military tuition assistance
  • UMT participates in GI Bill® programs. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. Government web site at
  • For more on TA and GI Bill® click here

Needs-based Military Scholarships: The UMT Military Scholarship enables qualified military personnel and veterans to earn a degree that could be free of tuition after TA, GI Bill® or DANTES benefits are applied. Spouses of active duty personnel qualify for UMT Military Scholarship tuition scholarship too! Active Duty servicemembers who qualify for the UMT Military Scholarship can borrow books through the UMT Book Loan Program.

Transfer Credits: Up to 75% of the required hours for an undergraduate degree may be transferred. Graduate programs allow credit-transfer of up to 50%. Military training qualifies according to ACE guidelines.

Waivers for Experience: Relevant professional experience may earn college credit. Ask a UMT counselor for details.

Test Out: UMT accepts CLEP and DSST scores for college credit.

Customize Your Degree: Customize your degree program to meet your personal and career needs.

Self-Paced Courses: Self-paced online courses enable you to balance your work and life in a challenging and mobile environment. With our fast-track approach, you may be able to earn your degree in 12 months or less.

Military Friendly: UMT has been cited as a Military Friendly University by GI Jobs since 2011 and by Military Advanced Education & Transition since 2010

What Our Military Students Say…

UMT was one of the best decisions I made for myself. It allowed me to pursue my Master’s Degree as a single parent and working full time. UMT made it possible for me to achieve my educational and professional dreams of earning a MSM.

I started going to college in 1989. After realizing that school and I didn't get along, I joined the Navy and traveled the world. I took a few classes about every couple of years. I retired after 20 years and started taking classes at UMT. Five different colleges and 27 years later, I'm finally completing my Bachelor's degree.

Being a father, husband and working 6-7 days a week would be tough for anyone but adding the fact of being the only driver in the household makes it even tougher. I knew that because of my responsibilities, a traditional type of learning would not work for me. I concluded that online learning would be the best choice for me and I found many colleges that offered those services. But, they were structured much like traditional learning, just in the comforts of your home; lacking the flexibility I needed. When I was introduced to UMT through a friend, I found a college that offered everything I needed to reach my goal. UMT had the accreditation, my field of study, and the flexibility which enabled me to both go to school full time and work full time without having to neglect my responsibilities. UMT’s flexibility allowed me to start my semester on any day of my choosing. I was given all of my semester’s coursework upfront. I was allowed to choose when and in which order to complete my assignments. My only requirement was to have all assignments completed by the end of the semester. This alleviated the burden of being tied to a set schedule that may have interfered with my responsibilities. So today I can proudly say because of UMT and the support of my family, I was not only able to complete my Bachelor’s degree but my Master degree as well and I’ll be 50 next month.

I feel very fortunate that I had such a wonderful opportunity to pursue my education with the University of Management and Technology (UMT), and receive my Master of Business Administration (MBA) / Project Management while working overseas in Okinawa, Japan. I want to thank my family, colleagues, friends and UMT staff for giving me great support and encouragement.

I am immensely honored and grateful to complete my Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management, and to be enrolled in the Master’s program. I would like to thank the University of Management and Technology staff for their continued support and commitment to excellence, and my beautiful wife Lena for motivating me and giving me the encouragement and inspiration throughout the process. I highly recommend UMT for achieving one’s goals in life!

Programs Available for Active Duty Military and Veterans

UMT offers undergraduate and graduate-level degrees and non-degree certificate programs. To see the programs available, visit UMT Academic Programs page.

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