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Online Education

UMT Online Education uses advanced communication technologies to enable students to learn from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere else in the world where they can access the Internet.

Online students are not constrained by a semester schedule and are encouraged to enroll in courses whenever they are ready on a year-around basis, unless students enroll in a term-based program (such as FSA, J-1, F-1 students, etc.).

UMT delivers courses over the Internet using text, lecture notes, online discussions, video streaming, and other multimedia elements. The online materials are supplemented by books, readings, and other materials that mirror traditional classroom courses.

Online course material is divided into manageable units that allow students to complete course sections quickly. They are able to measure their progress and focus on areas where they need assistance.

Students communicate with their instructors and fellow students via email, discussion boards, internet conferencing, and other media. Instructors closely monitor students' work, providing individualized instruction.

UMT Online Learning frees students from the confines of the traditional classroom while providing an educational experience customized for today.

General Requirements

Students entering UMT's Online Education Program should be computer literate. They should have basic skills in using the World Wide Web, sending and receiving email, and word processing. Students should have a general familiarity with the computer(s) they use, know how to install software (if necessary), and be able to troubleshoot basic computer problems. Students may need other computers skills (such as using spreadsheets) for specific courses.


The UMT systems do not conflict with the accessibility functions built into students' computers. Although UMT students can use any device to access materials, UMT recommends the current versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office to provide robust accessibility features for those who need them.

Communicating with Faculty

Email is the primary means of communication. Students may contact UMT faculty by including the course ID in the subject line of an email to

UMT strives to respond to student inquiries and submitted assignments as quickly as possible. When making inquiries, it is important for the student to be specific. Turnaround for standard questions is typically quick. Questions dealing with unique issues often entail longer response times because they may entail substantial investigation by UMT faculty or staff.

Computer Requirements

UMT utilizes various web-based systems to support student needs. Those systems all use secure interfaces (https) and any device that supports the current security protocols and software requirements can be used by students. All courses require a broadband Internet connection. Some courses require:
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (or compatible);
  • Microsoft Excel (or compatible)
  • Microsoft Word (or compatible)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (or compatible)
  • Adobe Flash Player (or compatible)
  • HTML5
It is the student's responsibility to obtain any programs required for the courses, unless otherwise noted.

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