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Associate of Science in Information Technology (ASIT)
The ASIT requires the successful completion of 60 credit hours of instruction at the lower level (freshman and sophomore years).

The ASIT places a strong emphasis on General Education courses that will provide a foundation for entry to the BSIT program. General Education courses are designed to broaden a student’s educational foundation. They include courses in such areas as communications, English, government, history, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and statistics.

A student must complete at least 15 credit hours in General Education to receive an ASIT degree. A student must also complete 18 credit hours in Information Technology core courses. The remaining credit hours consist of elective courses.

ASIT Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
  • Utilize information technology knowledge in common business functions to make processes more effective and efficient
  • Demonstrate competencies in the management of information systems
  • Define and identify the challenges for information security in organizations and evaluate new solutions to improve security
ASIT Core Courses
CST 117 Internet and Web Programming
CST 120 Program Logic and Design
CST 140 Programming in JavaScript
CST 161 Data Communications
CST 167 Security Implementation and Management
CST 192 Management Information Systems
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