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Undergraduate-Level & Graduate-Level Certificate Programs

The Academic Division of UMT offers Certificate, Executive Certificate, and Graduate Certificate programs in various fields. The courses listed in each program are focused on professional skill development and/or attaining academic knowledge.

The certificate programs are valuable for people who want to acquire marketable skills quickly in important areas with good job prospects. While the courses in these programs are academically rigorous, students can earn their certificates quickly without pursuing the full curriculum of a degree program.

UMT's Certificate Program is based on courses offered at the undergraduate level, while its Executive and Graduate Certificate Programs are built on graduate level courses. Upon successful completion of their program, students will be awarded a certificate, not a degree.  To receive a Certificate, students must complete the courses with at least a 2.0 GPA.  To receive an Executive or Graduate Certificate, students must complete the courses with at least a 3.0 GPA.

Transfer credit and course substitutions are not allowed for any of the certificate programs

Because the courses studied in the program are academically rigorous and earn academic credits, students may apply these courses toward a degree program at UMT or at other schools of their choice depending on the credit transfer rules employed by those schools.

A high school education is the only entry requirement needed to enroll in the Certificate programs and a Bachelor's Degree is the only entry requirement to enroll in the Executive Certificate or Graduate Certificate programs.

Undergraduate-Level Certificates Graduate-Level Certificates

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