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Acquisition Management (27 credit-hours)
The concentration in acquisition management is designed to provide students with specific knowledge in principles of public sector administration and acquisition, project and program management, financial management, leadership, human capital management, and executive problem solving. The concentration provides students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage acquisition and contracting functions in government and the private sector, enabling them to plan, execute, and control major systems and programs.

The following are the required courses in the Acquisition Management concentration:

MGT 201 Communication and Soft Skills
MGT 215 Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management
MGT 222 e-Commerce
MGT 250 Project Management
MGT 252 Project Finance and Budgeting
MGT 253 Risk and Quality Management
MGT 254 Contracts and Procurement
MGT 270 Principles of Public Sector Management
MGT 279 Management of Major Programs

Students can choose to take MGT 211. Supply Chain Management instead of MGT 215. Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management
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