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UMT Supply Chain Management Concentration under the MBA

The UMT Supply Chain Management (SCM) concentration was built from the ground up in response to strong demand coming from individual students, business enterprises, and government. Over the past few years, UMT counselors were repeatedly asked: "What do you offer in the area of supply chain management?" The counselors answered: "We have a number of courses that address SCM topics that you will find helpful," but today they can respond: "We offer a fully-integrated concentration in this area through our MBA program."

It makes a lot of sense to study SCM from a business management perspective, as offered by an MBA. The UMT MBA degree is divided into two parts. In one, students study 27 credit hours of the full range of business courses that prepare men and women to function effectively as business leaders. Included here are standard courses such as accounting, leadership, communication skills, marketing and finance. The second part of the program has students take 18 credit-hours of SCM-specific courses in order to develop expertise in the SCM area.

By the time students complete the program, they have excellent general business management skills that can be applied to any business, as well as specialty skills in the hot, high-demand area of SCM. With advanced SCM knowledge, they become a valued asset in their organizations that has a grasp of what it takes to manage an enterprise’s supply chain, from sourcing needed goods and services from vendors "upstream" to distributing the business' products to buyers "downstream." An SCM overview course places SCM into its broadest business context, offering students a big picture view. A course on contracting provides them with the insights they need to set up partnering, licensing and other contractual arrangements with vendors, partners and buyers. An e-commerce course highlights the key role of technology in the Internet age in coordinating all aspects of the supply chain. Other concentration courses cover: risk and quality management, strategic sourcing, and transportation management.

UMT Benefits for Working Adults

  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device™ – 100% online courses viewable on any device. Many UMT students earn their degrees while working fulltime!

  • Affordable Tuition – The cost of a UMT education is substantially lower than the average tuition and fees at a traditional university.

  • Flexible Transfer Policies – Transfer up to 75% of the required credits for an undergraduate degree or 50% for a graduate degree. Previous college credit and professional training are taken into consideration.

  • Independent Learning and Flexible Course Schedule – Start any time and study at your own pace* within our 11-week semester.

  • Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) – Each applicant is provided a no-obligation credit transfer evaluation and a personalized degree plan that shows eligible transfer credits and courses required to successfully complete your degree.

  • Programs to Further Your Career Goals – UMT offers degrees and certificate programs in various professional fields such as Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Health Administration, Public Administration, and more.

  • Strong Personal Support – Each student is assigned a Student Advisor who resolves issues, answers questions, and provides guidance throughout your UMT experience.
*Students using Federal Student Aid (FSA) are admitted and enrolled on a semester basis.

University of Management and Technology

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is an accredited university located in Arlington VA. UMT offers accredited high quality online degree and certificate programs in career-building subjects. UMT's educational programs are highly respected by Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. defense community and offer best practices and up-to-date knowledge. Many students enjoy the learning environment so much that after earning a bachelor's degree with UMT, they continue their studies into the master's degree and even doctoral level. UMT offers scholarships (including military and first responder scholarships), book loans, is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to provide Federal Student Aid, and participates in GI Bill® programs.

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